Member Updates 

Update Concerning Mandatory Masks Indoors Starting 7/7 at midnight.



We wanted to update our members about the new mandate concerning masks. Our policy has always been asking our members to have a mask for use in commons areas (lobby, locker rooms, halls) and when they can’t social distance. As the governor stated, a mask will now be mandated indoors when you cannot social distance. We have set up the gym to allow for proper 6’ social distancing between equipment as well as over 8’ upstairs in our fitness classes. 


WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: We ask that you please bring your own face covering (if not, we do have ones we can provide you, however we ask you bring your own as this is an extra cost for us to incur)for those commons areas. Since our equipment and classes are spaced out, as well as our limiting our occupancy at one time, you do not need to wear your mask while working out vigorously or at your piece of equipment/and or during a class.  We realize that our industry is special in this regard as it is NECESSARY to properly and safely be able to breath during exercise. This is why we have gone to great lengths to space out our equipment for social distancing as well as created additional outdoor areas. We ask for your cooperation, as well as patience with us as we continue to navigate during this time. Our members safety is our number one concern, and we are doing our utmost best to follow the guidelines given to us, while also keeping our members safe and creating an environment that allows you to safely and effectively workout while social distancing. 


Please feel free to email us at if you have any further questions or concerns and we will get back to you asap.