What to Expect May 18th

As we being to re-open, we want to share with you what you can expect during this first phase. Please know, this is a week by week, month by month thing as we get new details from the state, we will update as we go and appreciate your patience as we navigate this time.

We are under strict guidelines by the Governor and the CDC, and also to ensure the health and safety of all of our members and staff, we have some updates that will be occurring when we re-open.


1. Operate at 40% of max occupancy. We are large, so we should have no issues maintaining this number, especially because we have multiple rooms and we rarely exceed 40% of this number at one time. We will be counting members however, to ensure we keep these guidelines and have provided additional outdoor space for workouts as well as moving equipment so members maintaining a six foot distance. During this time, we ask that members be as expeditious with their workout as they can, to ensure all members can use the club. We're asking everyone to be courteous and aware of their fellow member, as we are all in this together.

2. Cleaning - While we are 24/7 our overnight staff will be working hard to reset the gym from the days events. Even though we have staff cleaning throughout the day and have put additional sanitization processes in place, including a electrostatic sprayer for maximum cleaning, we will need to adjust the clubs hours at first. Please note, this is the first phase of our re-opening. We want to ensure we are going above and beyond all measures and protocols. Closing for a brief time overnight allows us to ensure our staff can focus on cleaning and sanitizing.

Temporary New Hours - 5 am - 12 am (We will close midnight- 5 am for deep cleaning)

3. Pool and Wet Areas - As mandated by the Governor the wet areas of the gym will remain closed during this time. There has not been a date given when they can reopen, so we will operate on a weekly basis awaiting instructions from the state. We realize this will effect some members, so we have a form below you can fill out with questions/concerns.

4. Childcare will not reopen at this time.

5. Fitness classes will be starting back up in June and most will be done in the turf room with the doors open, or outside to allow for more space and ventilation. Those that are done indoors, will be adjusted so social distancing protocols can be adhered to of ten feet between participants. We will create an advanced sign up for these classes. In the event of our most popular classes, both fitness studios will be utilized for one class with two instructors teaching, or live streaming into both rooms. We will also continue to do our virtual classes and live stream in your members area, so that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

6. No locker use, or showers. As mandated by the Governor locker rooms (except for rest rooms areas) are to remain closed. So please keep this in mind before heading to the club.

7. Water Fountains will be closed as mandated by the Governor.

8. Tanning Beds will remain closed until May 21 - we will post the guidelines for this later this week.


As mandated by the Governor the following must be adhered to:

1. Temperate Checks - (using a touch less thermometer)

2. Covid-19 Questionaire

3. Masks- Taken directly from the Governors Document -All patrons shall be required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times, including appropriate facial coverings to the greatest extent possible.

We recommend bringing your own, however we will have disposable masks available for those members who come without one, as well as gloves to be used safely and to the greatest extent during your workout. We are creating a shopping list of recommended items that we prefer, should you like to invest in your own, and this could be helpful to you.

4. Cleaning- We ask all participants to clean up after themselves as we were doing before we were mandated to close.

In addition, all staff will be screened, receive temperature checks and wear masks and gloves.

Additional items: Personal training sessions will be done while adhering to social distancing and hands on modifications or adjustments for classes and sessions is banned during this time.


We realize many of these mandated changes will affect your, and your workout. We are doing everything in our power to ensure you get a great workout while still maintaining these guidelines. We realize things like the wet areas are out of our control, therefore we have created the Covid-Relief Form, Edition 2 for those of you effected by this change. Please fill out and email to Please know we are working as fast as we can to ensure everyones questions and concerns are addressed. To expedite your concern, please state in the heading what it is you are needing assistance with. For example: Childcare, Pool Closure, etc. This allows us to categorize and our staff to assist better.

Finally, we appreciate your patience as we journey into this new phase, and re-open. We know there will be inconveniences, however we will do everything in our power to provide a safe, and enjoyable workout experience.

We will see you soon!


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