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Athletic Training 

No matter what your athletes goals are, we can help.

Our trainers are trained in the Barwis Athletic Coaching regimen. 

What is Barwis?

BARWIS, the world’s leader in holistic human performance optimization, has worked with thousands of professional teams and players in all sports leagues, Olympic athletes from various countries around the world, Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, health care and insurance companies and product developers. BARWIS is internationally renowned for its Professional Grade Sports Training, Injury Recovery & Prevention, and Neuroligcal Reengineering Program, all fortified with proven results.

BARWIS is uniquely positioned at the apex of the developing fields of sports science, sports performance, strength & conditioning, physical therapy, athletic training, general health and fitness protocols, nutritional products and services, chiropractic services, recovery and rejuvenation, evaluation and assessment and Neurological Reengineering for people with disabilities. BARWIS overlaps and integrates all these independent fields and is setting the standard for modern-day health, fitness, and performance.

BARWIS carefully selects and appropriately integrates everything related to an increase in human performance. As a result, BARWIS is the only private company that is currently employed to run multiple professional sports teams’ sports science and medical departments, creating a portfolio that boasts having worked with over 10 pro teams in 5 different leagues.

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